Photo by Andrew Pirrung

More than a walk in the woods

Experience one of the Midwest’s most biologically diverse ecosystems, where kids hike for free, and trails are open from dawn til dusk.

There’s magic when land preservation, education, and research come together.

What started as 30 acres has grown from a local gem to a national treasure – with international appeal and members in all 50 states.

An illustration of tall grasses and seeds


Acres preserved

An illustration of a plank path over water


Boardwalk feet (ft.)

An illustration of a ridge with different layers of rock


Ridges and swales

An illustration of a purple orchid


Unique orchid species

News from the Ridges & Swales

A view of The Ridges Sanctuary and the bay from above.

While we’re complaining about the lack of ice fishing and snowmobiling (or, in my case, snowshoeing), we don’t often consider how this winter’s warmth will affect our summer swimming, fishing, and boating. 

Kids running through the woods with an instructor.
Nests that 3rd graders constructed during a lesson about bird eggs and nest types.
Illustration of a monarch on milkweed in a Nature Journal.